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What kind of bed is closest to your heart? If you bet on the classics at its best, your expectations will be satisfied with bed Luna - beautiful finish, simple, yet elegant. All these features combined into one piece of furniture that will give your bedroom the style, exactly which you dream of. Bed is made with highest quality fabric, which model depends on your taste. The height of the headrest is available in three variants.

Technical Information:
Finish: Fabric
Cover: Przytapicerowany
Filling: Foam highly elastic
Available base:
- Wood - No. 07 (H / W / D) (4.5cm/17cm/17cm)
- Metal - No 23B (H / W / D) (14cm/14cm/14cm)
- Wood - No. 23A (H / W / D) (14cm/12cm/12cm)
- Wood - No. 81 (H / M) (13.5cm / 1.1 cm-4, 5cm)
- Metal - No 102 (H / W / D) (6cm/15cm/15cm)


LUNA BED 140: (H / W / D) (90cm/154cm/219cm)
LUNA BED 160: (H / W / D) (90cm/174cm/219cm)
LUNA BED 180: (H / W / D) (90cm/194cm/219cm)
LUNA BED 200: (H / W / D) (90cm/214cm/219cm)

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